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Some Useful Tips on How to Get Rid of Spots

Some Useful Tips on How to Get Rid of Spots

In colleges and universities, you see many students worried and inquiring how to get rid of spots,  especially the ones on their faces. It is not unusual to see someone worried about spots on his/her face and looking for ways to get rid of them. We know everyone wants to look beautiful, and if not beautiful, at least presentable but the unwelcoming spots on the face can really make it an unfulfilled dream for people to look beautiful. Dark spots, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and papules are just few of the names of those horrible things that can appear on someone’s face. If you are one of the people who want to know how to get rid of spots, here are a few ways of getting rid of them and in fact, getting rid of them for good. Remember, care is better than cure but if you have already started to notice the tiny spots on your face then it’s never too late to make a change. Please read on to know the ways to get rid of spots in effortlessly or with very little effort.

                              How to Get Rid Of Spots in Natural and  Healthy Ways

Water, Water, Water:

Glass-of-waterJust imagine, could there be anything easier than drinking water, especially when you know that half of the problems in your body are cured with it? Water cures and cures well. It is a remedy for many other diseases and to keep the body fit but it also plays an important role in keeping those spots away from your sensitive facial skin. Don’t be surprised if we tell you that drinking around two and half liters of water in a day can keep your skin healthy and fresh. It attains these results by flushing out any unnecessary substances and toxins present in your body. Hence, water is the first answer to your question, how to get rid of spots.

Don’t Kill Them, Let Them Die On Their Own

If you really want to know how to get rid of spots, you need to get rid of the temptation of popping those enticing pimples on your face. We can understand that sometimes the temptation is too strong and often, you are sitting idle and find nothing more entertaining than killing those pimples. But does that help? As a matter of fact, killing those pimples with your nails or fingers results in maximized production of sebum, which is the primary cause of those pimples in the first place. The marks these pimples leave on your skin is another story altogether. Be careful and do not be tempted so easily. Maybe this can become a good exercise to practice your patience.

Wash Your Face, Not the Car

Some people are used to scratching, not rubbing or drying, their face with towel after washing the face. Well, you if you want to knowhow to get rid of spots then don’t do that with your face! Secondly, you often see people drying their face with a towel as if they were trying to get rid of some features from their face with a towel. Don’t be too harsh on your facial skin because it is very sensitive. It is recommended that you wash your face with mildly warm water followed by some gentle splashes of little cold water. Choose the right soap for your skin i.e. a benzoyl peroxide soap for people who have oily skin.

Don’t Drink the Oil

Yeah, yeah, we know. Fast food, deep fried stuff and the creamy and cheesy foods from the restaurant taste so great. But it has got to be one thing or the other. If your skin is too oily, you are more prone to spots and pimples on your face and on top of that, if your intake of oil is high, that’s like fueling the fire. Once again, if you are really eager to know how to get rid of spots, you need to sacrifice and compromise. You have to get rid of a lot of things in your life that you think are the funs of life. If you think food is good, we so no it is not because only healthy food is good. Avoiding hydrogenated vegetable oil can really help you in curing the spots on your face or anywhere on the skin.

Make Up Is Good! Is It?

 how to get rid of spots, we are compelled to talk about makeup because it plays a major role in the cause of subject matter. Yes, we agree that makeup is good and girls look prettier with the right makeup (yes, not every makeup is right). However, wearing too much makeup, wearing it for longer durations and trying too many products on your sensitive face can be hazardous to your skin. Like really, you need to give some space to your skin to breathe. You need to let some fresh air pass through to your skin. Imagine yourself covered in a thick blanket for hours in hot summer days. Does that sound good? Albeit the topic is controversial but since most of the people are asking how to get rid of spots on the internet, we need to present our solutions.

                                    How to Get Rid Of Spots with Some Homemade Methods

What better way to get rid of spots than treating them at home with easily available products? For anyone interested in knowing how to get rid of spots, here are some easy methods that can be applied on your face at home, without paying expensive fees to professionals for experimenting on your face.

Mask Of The Baking Soda

Simple ingredients, water and baking soda and you will know how to get rid of spots. This mask can be prepared easily by mixing double the amount of water in the baking soda that you have. Make sure what you have in your hands is baking soda not baking powder. Like many people, you can add some healthy fruits or cucumber into the mask paste for improved effect on your facial spots. If you didn’t know, baking soda is a main and very common part of many cosmetic products that you have on your dressing table. The most commonly used vegetable is cucumber and the fruit is apple. Whether you take cucumber or apple, make sure you have made a paste out of them before adding into your mask paste. In order to apply the mask, first thing you need to do is clean your face as thoroughly as possible. Again, be gentle with the application and do not rub the mask harshly on the skin. Time for mask to stay on your face is anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes and then just wash it off gently with water.

Applying Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can also be grown in your front or back yard easily or better yet, you can grow it in a small pot right in your home. Break off a shaft of it and rub the sticky substance on your face or you can simply drink the juice made from Aloe Vera for effective results. It is another cost effective and easy solution for people who want to know how to get rid of spots. Mint JuiceMint juice has been found very helpful in treating the scars that remain on the face due to acne. The use of mint juice is effective if you apply it at night and then remove with thorough rinsing when you wake up in the morning.

The Yogurt Mask

Now, if you are asking how to get rid of spots and we don’t mention the yogurt mask that would be unfair. This is considered to be one of the best and most effective masks for treating acne by the users who have actually applied and tried it. The best thing about yogurt mask is that it can be applied to various skin types with just minor amendments in the ingredients that are used for preparing this mask. Let us tell you how to prepare and apply this mask on your face. Take some water, which should not be very cold or too hot, just the room temperature. Take one full tablespoon honey but you can increase the quantity to another tablespoon if you have a little dry skin. Take one midsized lemon and a tablespoon of fresh (not nonfat) yogurt. Some people even mix two spoons of milk but that is optional. Apply the mask on your face very gently, rubbing is not recommended at all. Keep the mask on for around 10 to 15 minutes and then use a little warm water for rinsing off the mask. Remember to clean your skin off any dirt and dust before applying the mask. (more…)

How to Get Rid Of Spots with a beauty sleep !

How to Get Rid Of Spots with a beauty sleep !In Simple way we can tell that our skin is our life style, by knowing How to Get Rid Of Spots with a beauty sleep we can have an idea of how important that sleep for our skin.

Sleep measures your skin health.

How to Get Rid Of Spots

How to Get Rid Of Spots

You also already noticed that whenever you could not have a good sleep, it definitely shows on your face. May be you even have asked this common question from your tired face friend that “ Don’t you sleep well at last night? ”. Anyone can easily see that change. Because, your Lack of sleep causes to lose skin’s luster. Dark spots, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and acne are some results of that lack of sleep. So Of course, you need a good sleep for your whole body, not just your skin.

The good thing about the skin is that it recovers quickly. Get a good night’s sleep tonight and tomorrow, everyone will notice. They may even tell you how well-rested you look.

What is this beauty sleep?

When we talking about How to Get Rid Of Spots, Sleep is a very important topic we should think again and again. Lack of sleep can also make you more stressed and also that stress causes to bring out unwanted pimple to your face. While we sleep, our skin renews itself. For that we call beauty sleep.

There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep. You cannot survive without sleep, and you certainly can’t function without it. This is because your body depends on it. Your hormones, metabolism, stress and even also acne can be all affected by sleep. You know you love sleeping, so just get more of it. It will do your body good.

Sleep is your repair mode.

When we sleep our skin, goes into repair mode. New skin cells start to grow and help to replace older cells by repairing, restoring and re balancing. It’s also a time when all sorts of hormonal and metabolic changes happen in and the body, including your skin. That helps to maintain a spotless, clear face. So If someone who is searching ways How to Get Rid Of Spots, questioned, “Is it really necessary to sleep well for Get Rid Of Spots “? The Answer is Yes indeed.

3 tips you should follow for a beauty sleep.

How much sleep do we really need?

How much sleep do you need? Try to Sleep regular time. At least  Seven to nine hours of beauty rest nightly should do the trick.

You might wonder that if seven to nine hours of sleep is good, are 10 or 11 hours even better? Not so.

There are studies that show getting too much sleep is as detrimental to your skin as not getting enough. Oversleeping can actually increase skin cell breakdown.

We can suggest taking a nap if you’re dragging, but don’t sleep in till noon. Remember “You can’t bank sleep.”

Sleep in a good position.

It is not a good sleep position for a spotless face, that sleep on your belly. When you sleep on your belly, your face is constantly exposed to the oils that have rubbed onto the pillow from your hair and face. That is a bad hobbit which causes for Pimples & acne. But If you are used to sleep on your back, the oils from your hair stay on your hair, not your face. If you sleep on your belly, you might also have the tendency to bring your hands up to your face, which is another hobbit that causes pimples.

The idea of sleeping on your back might seem impossible, if you are a one who used to sleep on your belly. But If you are worrying & thinking ways to get rid of spots, that thought will encourage you to get used for a better sleeping position.

Make sure you sleep in a spotless bed for a spotless face.

Acne is caused by blockages in your skin’s pores. When bacteria is introduced to acne, often through picking at or touching pimples, it can lead to reinfection. Make sure you are using clean sheets and pillows on your bed. Get used to wash your sheets and pillow cases frequently for feel free any kind of spots on your face.